Payright pays off for Melbourne brothers and joint CEOs, Myles and Piers Redward

The Redward brothers are revolutionising the buy now, pay later landscape with Payright. The brothers discuss how higher priced products and services are changing customer demands.

May 26, 2020
Read time: 2 minutes

Myles and Piers Redward share the CEO position of thriving Australian buy now, pay later company Payright, which they established together in 2016 when they identified that a large number of merchants and retailers with higher-priced products and services were massively underserviced. Both Myles and Piers career extends across the business and consumer finance sectors. Before establishing Payright, the brothers worked with some of the biggest names in financial services, including Esanda Finance, FlexiGroup, GE Captial, and Moody’s. Putting their heads together and drawing on their combined 25 years of experience, the brothers developed Payright, a service that enables merchants to offer a buy now, pay later flexible payment option to their customers, and in turn, accelerate return-on-effort.


“Consumers want more choice and flexibility in the way they shop and pay,” explains Piers. With an increasing societal trend for spreading the cost of purchases and larger expenses, building the Payright business was a natural progression for the brothers. In only a few years, the buy now, pay later market has grown exponentially, and the background and knowledge they bring to the business has been fundamental…

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